At North Branch Nursery, one of our core values is education. Not only do we sell quality plants, but we also give helpful information about trees, shrubs, perennials, and how to maintain them.

This page has a number of different resources that can help to care for all of you plantings, new and old. The information in these articles has been compiled from different sources and is not a comprehensive collection. Results are based off of research and our observations in the landscape and in a production setting. Feel free to continue your education and research more on the topics from this page.

Click the pictures to be directed to great information that can assist in your keeping your plants looking beautiful all season long.



Resource Look Book Link Planting Instructions Link How to Use Your Watering Bag YouTube Link Watering Instructions Link
Resource Look Book Planting Instructions How to Use Your Water Bag Watering Instructions
Pruning Guide Link Christmas Tree Care Guide Link Fertilizer Guide Link Lawn Fertilizer Guide Link
Plant Care Guide Christmas Tree Care Guide Fertilizer Guide Lawn Fertilizer Guide
Fruit Tree Pollination Chart Common Diseases and Treatments Link Common Pests and Treatments Link
Fruit Tree Pollination Chart Common Diseases and Treatments Common Pests and Treatments


Helpful Links

Here are several links that we enjoy for information. These are trusted sources that we as a nursery use on a day-to-day basis. The links on this page can help you with many things, from calculating the mulch or topsoil that you need for you projects, to information about different kinds of hydrangeas and how to prune them.

Links in this area do not constitute endorsement by North Branch Nursery. We are not sponsored by the companies that run these sites, but we think you will thoroughly enjoy the information provided in this section.


Hydrangeas Demystified – Proven Winners┬«

Pruning Demystified – Proven Winners┬«

Topsoil Calculator – Inch Calculator

Mulch Calculator – Inch Calculator

Pest and Disease Management –
Network for Environmental and Weather Applications at Cornell University

What Tree Is That? – Arbor Day