Inventory Auctions

Annual Autumn Inventory Reduction Auction

The 2020 Auction is here! Click here for the online auction!

This year the auction will be held online. Pictures of the items included in each lot are available on the auctioner’s website. You can also visit the garden center to look at the lots. Most lots have more than one plant included. Please read the bid instructions on Wilson’s website. Each lot is sold by the price of the bid times the number of items in the lot (bid $10 per plant x number of plants in the lot).
The auction will open October 9th and close October 13th.
Plants up for auction can be previewed beginning October 5th. Please visit during the regular garden center hours.

Wilson Auctioneers
Wilson Auctioneers is again running the auction.
You will need to register on their website prior to bidding.
All payments are handled through Wilson Auctioneers.
Please read all instructions on their website.
Wilson Auctioneers Website

Loading Information
Loading will be provided by our staff. Loading hours will begin October 14th 8am – 4pm.
Please contact the office for weekend loading hours.
Please give yourself enough time for loading prior to the end of the day. Large trees and orders with multiple lots can take over 30 minutes to load.
Have all paperwork showing the lots you purchased. This paper is required for pickup.
All items need to be picked up by October 25th 2020.

Delivery & Installation
Delivery and installation of auctions items is available by NBN.
There is no warranty on plants purchased at the auction and installed by the landscape crews.

North Branch Nursery is not responsible for lost or missing items.

There is no warranty on items purchased at the auction.

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How Much Water?

Watering is a common questions asked, and is difficult to answer. Every landscape is different, it depends on your soil type, what plants you have, and also how much rain we get. Click on the link below for instructions on how often and for how long you should water your new plant material.

ยป Watering Instructions