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Garden Center

Quality Plants, Gardening Supplies, and more!

Yes, we are open! The hours posted on our website, facebook, and google pages are monitored regularly and are correct!

Our garden center covers six acres of homegrown plants to beautify your landscape. We are a full service garden center with knowledgeable staff, including nursery trained technicians with hands-on experience. We offer a large variety of Ohio-made Amish furniture, and our garden center showroom is stocked with gardening supplies, fertilizers, and chemical treatments for your landscape.

We thank you for buying local and shopping at North Branch Nursery for your landscape needs.
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For plant availability or orders please give us a call at 419-287-4679!

Email: gardencenter@northbranchnursery.com


Outdoor Living Spaces

North Branch Nursery is proud to offer Berlin Gardens Poly Furniture. Their outdoor furniture and structures combine Amish craftmanship with beautiful design and durability. Make your outdoor living spaces even more comfortable and inviting with their line of quality products.

To see their furniture line and other outdoor structures, visit Berlin Garden’s website.


Redefining Outdoor Environments

Seasonal Specials

Mulch Tuesday – purchase bulk mulch on Tuesday to save $5/cubic yard. Excludes  delivery.
Compost Thursday – purchase bulk compost on Thursday to save $5/cubic yard.  Excludes delivery.
Golden Buckeye – Show your golden buckeye card on Wednesday to save 5% on your garden center purchase (excludes landscape installations, maintenance services and delivery orders).
T-Shirt – Buy a North Branch Nursery t-shirt for $17.99 to save 10% off your garden center purchases for the entire year (some restrictions apply, does not apply to landscape installations, maintenance services or delivery orders).
• Check Facebook for additional specials and events.



Watering Instructions

Watering Instructions – PDF

Watering is a common question asked, and is difficult to answer. Every landscape is different, it depends on your soil type, what plants you have, and also how much rain we get. The follow information will give you a better idea of how often and for how long you should water your new plant material. Give us a call at 419-287-4679 for any other questions or concerns.

In extremely hot/dry weather it is important to remember to increase your watering practices accordingly. Give each plant a thorough deep watering; too frequent shallow watering will hamper root development. Remember, it normally takes several hours of rain to amount to one inch of rainfall. Brief summer showers rarely add to the moisture supply of trees and shrubs.

Dig and Check Method:
Check the soil near the base of the plants to a depth of six inches. Water when the soil feels dry. Do not water so often that the soil does not drain and remains soggy.

When watering your tree or shrub with a garden hose allow the hose to run at a slow trickle. 15 to 20 minutes per shrub or 30 to 60 per tree.

We highly recommend irrigation bags for watering newly planted trees. These bags hold up to 20 gallons of water. Just fill the bag one to two times a week (depending on the current weather conditions and your soil type). The bags slowly release the water over a 10-15 hour time period. This encourages deep root growth. Larger trees will require two bags.

New plants will need to be watered the first year until the ground freezes and through the summer of the second year.

Automated lawn sprinklers do not run long enough to thoroughly water shrubs and trees. Additional watering with a hose or irrigation bag is necessary.