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Definitions and Terms

As with any profession, we use a lot of different terms that many people may not understand. In order to strengthen the communication between customers and our staff we have compiled a list of the common words or phrases we use.

B & B - Balled and Burlapped :: Abbreviation for balled and burlapped nursery stock. These are commonly trees and shrubs that have been dug out of the ground and have had the root balls wrapped in burlap and secured in a wire basket

Columnar :: Many plants have a columnar variety, one that is tall and narrow like a column. Oak, Maples, and other trees have a columnar variety that is perfect for tight spaces or along streets.

Conifer :: A cone bearing tree.

Crown :: The part of the plant where the stems meet the roots, typically at or just below the soil level. The crown can also refer to the top or canopy of tree, describing the shape of the branches.

Cultivars :: A cultivated plant with distinct differences from the common species. Some cultivars have a variegated leaf, or bright yellow color.

Deadhead :: Removing spent flowers in order to maintain a neat appearance. Deadheading perennials and some shrubs can encourage a longer bloom time.

Deciduous :: A tree or shrub that sheds its leaves annually, just before the dormant stage.

Dormant :: A time when the plant becomes inactive, which starts at the end of the fall and beginning of the winter season. When plants go into a dormant state it is the ideal time to plant or transplant them, in order to decrease any shock. We can not dig any trees or shrubs in the fall until they go dormant.

Evergreen :: A tree or shrub that holds its leaves or needles through the entire year.

Exfoliate :: Bark that peels in shreds or thin layers.

Habit :: A way to describe the shape of a plant or how it grows

Hardiness Zone :: A plant can be expected to grow in the zone's temperature extremes, which are determined by the lowest annual temperature. Northwest Ohio is considered zone 5, which means the lowest annual temperature is -20 to -10 F

Hybrid :: Any plant that results from natural or human-induced cross-breeding between varieties or species. Hybrid plants are often sterile and grow differently than the parent plants.

Native :: A plant that is original to a geographic area or region

Semi-evergreen :: Evergreen plants that in cold climates that lose some or all of the leaves through the winter season. For example, some viburnums hold on to some of their leaves through most of the winter season.

Standard :: Shrubs or trees that are grown on a large central stem, often acting as a trunk. This can be achieved through pruning or grafting the plant on a straight trunk. Common plants on standard are Miss Kim Lilacs or Dappled Willow trees.

Understory :: Plants that grow beneath the canopy of larger trees. Understory trees are typically smaller size trees (such as redbuds and serviceberries) that can handle light shade, due to their adaptability to forested areas.