Plant Inventory

Nursery Stock Availability

Please utilize the Plant Finder Tool to search our plant varieties! If you are looking for a specific plant (some new varieties are not available in the database) please give us a call at 419-287-4679.

All availability is subject to change. Stock does change quickly, especially if the plant is in bloom!
Call the office at 419-287-4679 to confirm availability.


Wholesale Customers

Wholesale Inventory with Prices

*Credentials necessary to access Wholesale Inventory with Prices page; for access, please contact our Wholesale Department at 419-287-4679.  Prices and availabilities subject to change without notice. Quantities and pricing will be confirmed upon placement of order.


How Much Water?

Watering is a common question asked, and is difficult to answer. Every landscape is different, it depends on your soil type, what plants you have, and also how much rain we get. Click on the link below for instructions on how often and for how long you should water your new plant material.

» Watering Instructions